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NCC Group's small business hub shares insight and best practice from some of the most well respected advisors in the security industry, providing pragmatic advice to maximise your teams’ ability to continue business as usual. Should you require some specific support, please contact

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8 Security Fundamentals you need to get right

5 Cyber Security Tips for a lockdown exit strategy

Sounds Phishy? Be Mindful

The basics you should never underestimate

We explore the additional pressure on security teams to understand a new wave of potential security risks.

Lawrence Munro, Technical Director 

What are the learnings organisations can take from lockdown to protect against future threats?

NCC Group research on phishing attacks

Analysis of 1,300 phishing campaigns by our simulation service helps customers learn about phishing attempts.

Essentials of a cyber security policy

How to respond to a ransomware attack

Recommended incident response actions

How plans can increase positive outcomes

Following a strict incident response plan upon identifying a suspected or confirmed cyber security incident is vital.

Why an information security policy is vital

You need an information security policy as part of your cyber risk management - we unpick why.

How you can be equipped to prevent them

Whether it's the upfront prevention of ransomware attacks or the recovery following one, we provide the tips.

Webinar Playback

A Hacker's Confessions: The Psychology of Phishing

Phishing is still one of the most common and successful methods used by cyber criminals to breech an organisation's security. In this video, Michael Moltke, ethical hacker and Head of Threat Simulation at NCC Group explains how he using 5 key psychology techniques to test the phishing resilience of organisations.

Security for start-ups: taking the crucial step towards building an information security programme


Learn how startups can utilise a cyber security review to help secure funding for a full-fledged security program and track maturity year-upon-year.

To build a security program, you first need to understand where you are and then build a roadmap to where you want to be.

Regardless of industry, start-ups share the same goals and challenges when it comes to security. In many cases, they do not have the budget or team to build a mature program. Yet they need to showcase improvements in order to secure funding and close new deals.

  • Many start-ups experience difficulty in understanding just how much security they need in their current stage
  • Startups that focus on security programs earlier are better positioned for growth and are able to build trustworthy relationships with their partners and clients
  • Understanding current security maturity sets the stage for benchmarking against competitors

Watch our on-demand webinar to an understanding of:

- common issues faced by startups when developing a security program,

- the importance of a Cyber Security Review in identifying current and target maturity levels,

- the four stages of a Cyber Security Review, including Context Establishment, Threat Modeling, Controls Assessment, and Security Landscape.

Our solutions

Remote Vulnerability Scanning

Gain an instant view of vulnerabilities on your networks, applications and digital assets.

Secure Remote Testing: Firebase

Remote security tests allow regular security assessments of networks, systems and applications.

Multi-factor Authentication

Secure your computer networks using a safe alternative to passwords, enabling remote access to your usual systems.

Office 365 Security Assessment

If you use Office 365 as a key tool for remote working, having an independent security assessment is essential.

Security Operations Centre as a Service

SOC as a Service provides fast, affordable and reliable round-the-clock security monitoring – reducing the burden on your teams.

Instant Endpoint Detection & Response

EDR is a means to detect

and block threats – that can be deployed rapidly to offer peace of mind in these

extremely testing times.

Securing Cloud Collaboration Platforms

A cost-effective service to help quickly and easily secure remote working


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