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Will your DDoS Protection work when it's needed?

2020 has seen an unprecedented rise in online traffic, and with it the rise of DDoS attacks. All major players have seen the impact:

Many businesses invest in costly DDoS mitigation and protection solutions, but few test them. In our engagements with clients, over 70% of DDoS mitigation services fail when tested.

NCC Group test all environments and are one of only two AWS DDoS Test Partners. Claim 10% off your next DDoS service today.

Claim 10% off your next DDoS service*

*10% off if booked before December 1, 2020.

NCC Group is here to help. 

We can test and prepare your DDoS service, before you need it. With the end-of-year rush about to begin, now is the perfect time to test your protection. Our Services include: 

DDoS Testing

  • Controlled, monitored and fully customisable cloud-based DDoS simulation
  • Assess the full capabilities of your service
  • Ensure SLA's are being met
  • Detailed report including event timelines

DDoS Fire Drill

  • Test your people, policies and processes in a safe, controlled way
  • Trigger DDoS alerts and mitigation to test your DDoS Incident Response Plan
  • Detailed report provided

DDoS Advisory

  • Prepare your business for an attack
  • Review your DDoS Incident Response Plan
  • Assess your infrastructure to identify & protect high-risk areas
  • Advice on emerging threats & DDoS attack likelihood

Book in a DDoS service before December and get 10% off.

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for your asset, eliminating under or over scoped engagements.

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